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Tobacco conveyor belt
SAMPLA BELTING range of polyolefin belting includes:

SERIES V (Polyolefin) link

92° Shore A cover hardness. Belts with polyolefin cover and polyester fabrics. Conveyor belts primarily designed for tobacco processing plants. (Philip Morris approved).

Polyolefin has very good release properties making it ideal for some application in the food industry where "sticky" products are conveyed (like candy bars).


PVC conveyor belts
SAMPLA BELTING manufactures a comprehensive range of PVC belting in standard widths of 78” and 118”. The line of belts was developed in order to meet the market′s needs. We divided this line of products into several series described in more detail below:


90° Shore A top cover. Matt surface PVC. High resistance to abrasion of the carrying surface. Conveyors for product accumulation and transverse deflectors, magnetic elevators for cans, wood shaving equipment, cutting machines and automatic die cutting machines.


68° Shore A cover hardness. Antistatic and self-extinguishing conveyor belts as per DIN -ISO - AFNOR norms, suitable for operation in environments with risk of explosion. Especially suitable for sugar processing in all its phases and for bucket elevators in the flourmills, citrus and preserves industry. Also recommended for bulk detergent conveying.


72° Shore A cover hardness. Good resistance to animal fats, vegetables and mineral oils. Suitable for conveying food as per FDA/USDA requirements. Conveyor belts for food products of any kind and size. Cover x cover belts are used in the agricultural and food sectors. Types F12 and F21, feature flexible weft. Type F21/K is structured with an original SAMPLA pattern for incline conveying of products in bulk. Types F61/10.05 and F91/10.10 are used as elevator belts for fat and oily products.


56° Shore A cover hardness. Belts with special impression surfaces for use on wood polishing, gauging and sanding machines.


46° or 55° Shore A cover hardness. Very elastic and flexible cover with high coefficient of friction. Various instructions on top cover are very efficient for inclined conveying. These belts are mainly used for inclined conveying of products in bulk or packaged with appropriate top cover structure, such as types L10/F or L10/M. Type L91/V is specific for marble and ceramic polishing machines.


PVC constructions in 45° Shore A cover hardness. Covers with high resistance to abrasion. Belts for marble, granite and ceramic polishing and gauging machines. Bottom cover impregnated with PU (low coefficient of friction). 4 ply carcass’ with low elongation and high resistance to the cutting. Patented top cover with “Y” structure for easy water draining and for a “no-movement” conveying of the slabs of marble during the processing.


PVC construction with different cover hardness depending from the various, possible uses: 45° Shore A for the inclined conveying, 68° Shore A for the normal conveyors and 80° and 90° Shore A where a good resistance to the abrasion is necessary, or in case of accumulation. Some types are self-extinguishing as per DIN – ISO – AFNOR norms. Some constructions are available with antistatic and low noise bottom fabric. These belts are used in airport and postal installations, where low-noise, self-extinguishing and antistaticity are requested for safety reasons. They also are utilized in the painting plants and – in its matt version only – in the supermarket checkouts.


PVC constructions with 74° Shore A cover hardness. Resistant to abrasion and cutting. Suitable for conveying in presence of mineral oils, hydrocarbons, and detergents. Standard series for conveying packaged products. Specially designed top cover structure for stone and ceramics polishing machines. Conveyor belts for standard uses. Type U21/05.05/Z is mainly used in the agricultural and food applications. Types U12 and U21 have a particularly flexible carcass for the construction of power turns. Types U61/V - U91/V - U121/4F are mainly used on marble and stone processing machines.


PU conveyor belts

SAMPLA BELTING manufactures a comprehensive range of PU belting in standard width of 118” (3000mm). For clients that buy in slab form and do not have 118” slitting capabilities we can slit to the required width before shipping.


88° or 92° Shore A cover hardness. Urethane with excellent resistance to vegetable, animal and mineral fats and oils, plus many others chemical products. Suitable for contact with food products as per FDA/USDA requirements. High resistance to abrasion. Antistatic belts (except P6/VF and P6/BF).
Type P6/A is a specific for chocolate glazing. Type P7/A is a one-ply belt that has the strength of a two-ply and flexibility of a one-ply, suitable far small pulley diameters. Types P6/VF and P6/BF with flexible weft are suitable for corners. Type PV8/A is specific for wood panels conveyors.


Belts with multifilament fabrics that have improved edge wear properties, are suitable for use on small pulley diameter, have good oil and fat resistance and a PU skim on the bottom side. Ideal for use in food conveying and processing applications, mainly bakery biscuit and cookie; chocolate and confectionery. Also suitable for use as a power turn belt.


SAMPLA BELTING range of Hytrel belting includes:


Cover made of transparent Hytrel of 92° Shore hardness. High tenacity polyester carcass. This series was created primarily for the tobacco industry as an alternative to the V polyolefin series.
Hytrel has excellent release properties and resistance to heat (up to 250 F or 110 C), abrasion and humidity. This characteristics make it suitable for a wide range of applications across industries.


SAMPLA BELTING range of silicone belting includes:


Conveyor belts with clear silicone cover on a polyester carcass. Silicone is non-toxic and non-adhesive. Used on automatic packaging machines, wrapping machines or any other types of use where non-adhesive, high temperature resistant conveyor belts are necessary. Silicone also has very good release properties making it ideal in "sticky" applications.

Raw Covers

SAMPLA BELTING range of raw covers (bare x bare) belting includes:


Polyester flexible weft fabric conveyor belts, FBS construction, urethane impregnated. Highly resistant to abrasion. Suitable for single load, cutting benches, textile industry, side loading conveyors. Also recommended in presence of muddy fluids, oil and fats and non-aggressive chemical agents.


Raw fabric belts with surfaces made of polyester or cotton and polyester fabric with rigid or flexible weft.
These belts are used on automatic packaging machines, for accumulation and in the food industry for conveying fresh dough or oven treated products before and after baking, bread making machines. Types R11 and R19 offer good release characteristics.

Nova (Non-woven)

Novo conveyor belt


NOVA belts are made of non-woven (needled) polyester and impreganted with a special rubber Latex. This provides excellent resistance to abrasion and cutting, low noise and minimal stretch when sized and tensioned properly. The material also has very good resistance to oils, fats and chemical agents.

Conveyors used in auto and paper industry, postal and airport installations and aluminum installations. The antistatic types are used in electronic, optical and computer industry. All styles are available in green, black antistatic and FDA white.

Nova belts are stocked up to 80 inches wide. Some of the available types are: Nova60HC, Nova40HC, Nova25HC, Please contact us for detail technical information or check our Nova Brochure .

High Temperature

SAMPLA BELTING range of high temperature belting includes:
Sampla’s range of woven and non-woven needled constructions is designed for use in hot end processing in glass, aluminum, plastics, automotive, wood laminating and light metal casting. Tubular needled products, like Kevlar rollers (both resin hardened and untreated) are also available. Sampla can also install guides and Kevlar cleats to its K and SK series Woven Kevlar conveyor belt



Woven single ply webbings are designed for use by fluorescent tube and flat glass manufacturers as rail guard and roll wrap. Two play Kevlar is suggested for line catcher belt pads and extrusion table pads.


Kevlar/Wire construction. A proven performer in both glass and aluminum extrusion. Good abrasion, cut and heat resistance, make K-7 the belt of choice for ribbon lines, lehr loaders and TV funnel transfers. Belts are made endless for run out and transfer in aluminum extrusion process.


Smooth weave, suitable for light weight hot end process. May be used for breakaway lines in windshield manufacturing. Belts are cleated for use on flare machines. Treated belt may be used for scoop liners.


4 ply woven Kevlar designs offer good cut and heat resistance. Used in bulb manufacturing, light casting conveying, annealing units for blow molded plastics and aluminum extrusion. K26 has pan fibers which improve heat dissipation to extend wear and resistance to open flame.


Needle Kevlar Pad


High Temp Needled Kevlar with a scrim in the middle or in the bottom. Used as pads for extruded aluminum, lift over arms, walking beams and stationary beams. SK-21 and SK-30 can be laced. SK-62 can be attach to a PU belt or a timing belt and then laced.


High Temp Needled Kevlar with polyester base and reinforced with a scrim used for conveying hot products in cooling process. It can be laced. Needle Kevlar Belt


High Temp Needled Kevlar reinforced with a thick polyester or Kevlar scrim in the middle or in the bottom. It can be laced or make truly endless (seamless). Used for conveying extruded aluminum. It can be treated with resin or PBO to provide a better resistance to extreme heat.


Kevlar tubes rollers High Temp Needled Kevlar roller. Use in aluminum extrusion process. Can be treated with resin or PBO for its use conveying the extruded billets at the exit of the press. Good resistance to extreme heat.

Flux Belt treated


Designed for use in automatic welding machines. Customized to any width and length


Solid woven glass fiber. Belt is designed for extreme heat in mass pressware applications; i.e. block glass, ovenware, panel molds, take out pads and fingers, pit lines.

Kevlar cleats Kevlar guides

Please contact us for detailed technical information.

Solid Woven

Sampla Belting offers a comprehensive range of Polyester Airslide and Solid Woven Cotton for use in air gravity conveyors and ovens.


Cotton 2, 3 & 4 ply and “Duck” are used as dough belt and cooling lines for bakery (bread, biscuit, cookies and crackers industry). It is also used for general conveying (laundry, food and paper industry).

Solid Woven Cotton


Our Goldline single ply woven cotton is used for ironer feed ribbons and most types of folder equipment in laundry applications. It has minimum stretching and will require less adjustment allowing it to outlast other conventional belting.

Laundry - Gold Line


Sampla Belting herringbone weave press tape is used for plastic bags manufacturing machines. It could also be used as a light laundry press tape or in printing applications.

Press Tape


Polyester 2, 3, 4 & 5 ply and Type F are used as air gravity conveyors to move dry particle material in a variety of industries such as cement, detergent, transportation (bulk haulers, barges), flour and starch. Our products are semi-permeable (allow air to pass through, but not product) and manufactured to meet specific permeation ranges ensuring that uniform volumes of air are allowed to pass through, given standard air pressure.

Cumplimos estandares y posicionamiento

Special Production

Sampla Belting offers a wide range of special production belts for different types of industries. You can purchase these belts as a full slab, cut piece or a fabricated belt. Contact customer service for pricing and delivery information.


XME335/60DG    3ply soft green PVC with 6mm cover
XL23 2ply soft green PVC with 5mm cover
XF330 3ply white PVC, FDA approved (depanner belt).
X89Z 2ply black PVC with Z cover (treadmill belt)


XP225/A/NR       2 ply black PU
XP350/A/NR       3 ply black PU with a Kevlar inter ply


XSAM210            2 ply PVC with felt cover
X395            1 ply friction x friction PU skimmed

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