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Sampla’s reputation as an innovative market leader began many years ago when we created the first PVC conveyor belts in Italy. Today that reputation continues as our belts can be found in a plethora of applications across the globe. Our strategically located manufacturing facilities and extensive network of distributors ensures that we truly belt the world.
Sampla’s innovations didn’t stop with the development of PVC belting; we also pioneered belting compounds such as polyurethane, Hytrel, elastic belts, polyolefin, a wide range of power transmission belts and an ample selection of Kevlar, cotton and polyester belting.
All of our facilities offer complete fabrications services; slitting, vulcanization, v-guides, corrugated sidewalls, cleats, metal and plastic lacing, and many customized fabrication services. Contact us to see how we can solve your belting challenges!

Our Mission

At Sampla you will enjoy doing business with us. Our size permits us to offer the same range of high quality products as the largest companies but we offer more attentive customer service and personalized care. We strive to offer you superior quality products with the greatest level of personal attention in the quickest turnaround time. At Sampla we have also been known to perform small miracles.

Our History

Our company’s roots trace back to creating the first PVC conveyor belt in Italy. Since our humble beginnings in a small shop in Milan, we have grown to become a multinational corporation that prides itself on quality and customer service. Our most recent accomplishment includes the addition of new production lines in our United States facility to ensure that our North American customers will have a wider range of belting products than ever before.

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